how and why this is a terribly run blog

Anonymous asked: “ Oh my FUCKING god, thank god for this tumblr!!! I must confess that I met a guy that is SO LIKE Dylan Moran it is actually spooky. I mean, in character as well as being the spitting image. I liked him for a bit and then when we finally kissed, within about six minutes we were having sex on the floor. Yep. I'm totally, totally shameless. Issues? Whatever, I don't give a FOCK, as he might say. ”
Anonymous asked: “ I second the smoking fetish! ”
Anonymous asked: “ Once I told my friend that I will never be totally happy, cause I can't marry Dylan Moran. She told me: "You will find someone better", and I was like: "Don't be ridiculous, he's the best man EVER" ”
Anonymous asked: “ He's the perfect balance between sexy and adorable, you want to fuck him under a table but you also want to cook him breakfast. No one is more attractive! ”
Anonymous asked: “ Pronounciation of 'whip' and 'whisp'. All I can say today. ”
2014willbehellarad asked: “ Which theme number is this? I love it! ”

If you click on the theme button it’ll take you to the original source. It’s theme number 15 :)

Here’s the pastebin link

Anonymous asked: “ More than anything I just like to imagine cuddling and kissing him. I can imagine cozying up to him while he reads one of my favorite books to me on a cold winter evening. He really ought to do audio books. ”
Anonymous asked: “ Dylan Moran gave me a smoking fetish. ”
Anonymous asked: “ I'm a relatively new fan and I have so much to say I don't think I can manage so I'll just say I'm quite in love and it's sad and it hurts but I cross my fingers and pray there are more people like him in the world. ”